The Refugee Communities Association of Australia Inc (RCAA) and its members welcomes the Federal Government plan on social cohesion and combatting violence against women and children. Undoubtedly, the Federal Budget 2020 budget is about economic recovery by supporting economic demand and ensuring that the recovery remains on pathway. RCAA is pleased to see that the government has recognised the importance of Australia’s social cohesion and the impact of violence against women and children.
RCAA believes that as all Australians move into the future, we need to focus on building social inclusion and a sense of common vision in attaining united and harmonious society that is active, vibrant, and connected to itself. In a joint media release, Hon Alan Tudge MP, Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs said “the 2020-21 Budget has allocated $62.8 million to support Australia’s social cohesion and ensure the values and institutions that unite us as Australians remain strong”.

RCAA echoes the same message and believes that social cohesion cannot be realised without strengthening institutions that promote a sense of togetherness and equally Australians. We believe that social cohesion is a glue that makes us strongly unique and allows us to focus on what unites us. The power of our vibrant multicultural Australia is personified in strengthening our social inclusion that bonds all Australians together within their diversities” said Elijah Buol OAM, Executive Director.

RCAA thanks the Morrison’s government for the announcement of 10 new additional positions for Ethnic Liaison Officers who speak other languages rather than English to support the refugee communities and strengthen social cohesion. This was announced by Hon Alan Tudge MP at the Federal Post Budget 2020 Briefing for multicultural community leaders.

RCAA always maintains and advocates for a healthy community where women and children are free from any form of violence. We are pleased to see that combatting violence against women and children is a top priority of the Government in this budget. It is always the dream and wish of refugee communities and their members to live in an environment free from violence. RCAA Deputy Chairperson, Nasiba Akram said, “as a woman, I applauded the government for making combating violence against women and children a top priority because a better society with a healthier future is a society where women and children are free from violence”.

RCAA is also concerned about the reduction of quota in Australia’s Humanitarian Program to 13,750 places. There are many refugees in camps from all parts of the world who need protection and resettlement but reducing the quota in Australia’s Humanitarian program limited the protection. Australia has always and continues to extend its humanitarian support to those who are prosecuted and need our protection and this well-known Australians generosity should be extended by increasing the quota in the Australia’s Humanitarian Program rather reducing it”, Mr Juma Piri Piri, RCAA Chairperson.

RCAA is led by refugee communities and their members in every states and territory as a unified peak national body that advocates for people of refugee background with lived experience in Australia.

For more information, please kindly contact RCAA spokesperson Parsu Sharma Luital JP on 0412 265 317 or by email: [email protected]


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