Refugee Communities Association of Australia (RCAA) and its members stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, Australian Afghan communities and Australian Veterans at these heartbreaking days.

RCAA is especially concerned about the situation of Afghans who now face the very real prospect of becoming refugee and vulnerable because of current situation. RCAA members understand the horror of war and walk in the shoes of the people of Afghanistan.

RCAA stands in solidarity with Afghan women, children and vulnerable people who have and are facing significant obstacles during their painful time.

RCAA Deputy Chairperson, Nasiba Akram Haidari said, “this is deeply a distressing time for me, my family and many Afghans in Australia and across the world. As a women and first political asylum seeker from Afghanistan to Australia, I feel the pain”. “Considering the current situation, I would like to call on the Australian government that there is immediate need for a safe passage for Afghans who are the relatives of the Australian citizens and those who worked with Australian NGOs, and they are in danger.” “I call on the Australian government for organising immediate humanitarian aid, such as food, water, shelter for internally displace people.” Said Ms Haidari

Mr Juma Piri Piri, Chairperson of RCAA said “RCAA acknowledges the support the Australia government has provided to Australians and visa holders but more needs to be done”. “We appeal to the government to provide humanitarian assistance and grant permanent resident visas to temporary visa holders in Australia and those in Afghanistan who supported our veterans during the Coalition missions in the last 20 years” said Piri.

RCAA is led by refugee communities and their members in every state and territory as a unified peak national body that advocates for people of refugee background with lived experience in Australia.

For more information, please kindly contact RCAA spokesperson Parsu Sharma Luital JP on 0412 265 317 or by email.


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