Refugee Communities Association of Australia and its members are pleased to announce that we are the proudest Winner for Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence in Refugee Advocacy held last night by the Victorian Government. Refugee Communities Association of Australia (RCAA) aims is to empower refugee communities across Australia, enabling them to take active roles in Australia.

With the motto led for refugee, with refugee, by refugee and with the vision to provide a voice for refugees with the lived experience, RCAA prides itself in grassroot engagement and empowerment for refugee communities and their members to successfully settle and integration in Australia. The Premier of Victoria, Hon Daniel Andrews said, “a 10-month-old Refugee advocacy peak body is an anchor of hope which has developed a positive relationship and provide meaningful and responsive services to refugees’ communities in Victoria and across Australia”.

“We are grateful to RCAA COVID-19 Taskforce for providing enormous support throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic period in Victoria to international Students, refugees’ communities and Asylum Seekers” said Vivienne Nguyen, Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

Chairperson, Mr Juma Piri Piri said, “the award is a recognition that refugee communities have solutions to their own issues and can response effectively when they are empowered”.

Former Refugee and RCAA General Secretary, Parsu Sharma-Luital JP, said, that “this award is a win for all refugees communities and a testimony that refugee communities themselves can response better to their needs because, they have lived experiences”. Refugees communities knows their issues and RCAA is run by “former refugees, for refugee, with refugee, by Refugee communities” Mr Parsu Sharma- Luital JP added.

RCAA believes that the pain and suffering of refugees can only be felt and responded to by those who have experienced those journeys themselves. It is those hands which are best equipped to heal the wounds” said, Ms Nasiba Akram, Women Chairperson.

Elijah Buol OAM, Executive Director said, “he is extremely proud of RCAA achievement over the last 10 months for showing us that time has come for refugee communities themselves to decide on what is best for themselves to lead refugee organisations and walk in their own shoes”.

Through COVID-19 Taskforce, RCAA has delivered relief, COVID-19 information session and support refugee communities’ member, asylum seekers and international students affected by COVID-19 Pandemic. Ms Giang Nguyen, Co-Coordinator, RCAA Victorian Chapter said, “there is always proudest movements for me as Australian but as a former refugee, this is the best movement for me and the best gift for Christmas and New Year because refugees led organisation did it alone; the power of empowering your own”.

RCAA and its members would like to thank Victorian Government for ongoing partnership and funding that allow RCAA to engage and empower refugee’s community to feel a sense of belonging and settle successfully into their new country.

To our members, let’s harvest what we have sowed as we continue to celebrate and embrace every opportunity Australia offers.

On behalf of the RCAA team and our members, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

For more information, please kindly contact RCAA spokesperson Parsu Sharma Luital JP on 0412 265 317 or by email.

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