The Refugee Communities Association of Australia (RCAA) is established as a genuine and independent refugee voice for all people of refugee backgrounds and their organisations in Australia. RCAA’s motto is to work “For Refugees, with Refugees, by Refugees”, (Refugee refers to former, current and asylum seekers) independent of all peak refugee advocacy agencies. RCAA will work with all government agencies at all levels by developing effective consultation and collaboration mechanisms.

For a long-time refugee community in Australia have been represented by external agencies and NGOs or by refugees under the remit of these organisations. The former refugee community requires adequate representation in order to ensure effective government policy and community cooperation both now and for future generations.

Therefore, RCAA seeks to be a genuine and independent voice for refugees and to be recognised by government agencies, NGOs and service providers as a trusted advisor and partner.

RCAA has chapters in all Australian states and territories which determine and pursue local priorities for their communities which is fed back to inform the direction of the national body.


RCAA’s objectives have been developed by the interim coordinating committee and will be further developed as the national board takes shape over coming months and updated on the website.

  • To work in partnership with settlement service providers, governments and other stakeholders in promoting understanding of and representing the needs of refugee communities in all states and territories of Australia.
  • To promote cultural diversity and the participation and inclusion of the refugee communities in Australian life.
  • To facilitate ongoing and constructive dialogue on refugee policies and best practice with the Australian Government and other stakeholders.

Principles and values

The following principles and values guide everything we do:

  • Partnership: RCAA values partnerships with like-minded organisations and will work with them to advocate on behalf of refugees at local, state, national and international levels to achieve our shared objectives.
  • Advocacy: RCAA will take an active stance on issues impacting on refugees and asylum seekers, working towards bipartisan systemic change which is aligned with our values.
  • Promotion: RCAA will raise the profile of all refugee and asylum seeker communities.
  • Representation: RCAA will advocate to organisations making decision relevant to refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Empowerment: RCAA will work to empower refugee and asylum seeker communities to take the lead in promoting and advancing their interests and forming beneficial partnerships.
  • Collaboration: RCAA will work with other stakeholders to identify issues, possible solutions and opportunities of importance to refugee and asylum seeker communities.